Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm sixteen again

And no, unfortunately it's not my birthday LOL.

Today is the last day of my current job and I start a new one next week. I feel like I'm sixteen and walking into my very first job. Back then it was a Kmart cashier, this time it's an administrative assistant to a lawyer--yikes!

Why is anything new as scary as it is exciting? It's a good job, the hours let me put the kids on the schoolbus and get home just before they get off, and obviously the pay is better LOL...

...But I feel a little out of my element. Don't you sometimes wish you can bypass that awkward phase of a new job--learning the routine, not stepping on your own toes let alone someone else's etc, that all the things you need to know could be miraculously implanted in your head. Hmmm, that's probably not as far off as we thing. Then again, for YEARS my author friends and I have been trying to figure out the prototype to take the story in our heads and, SHAZAM, there it is perfectly on the paper ready to submit. Yeah, still working on that one too LOL

So I'm nervous and scared and I know I will fret about it all weekend because that's what I do. My friend reminds me that I wouldn't have gotten the job if I wasn't capable and able to handle it and that I'm a pretty darn smart chick--so why can't we think of ourselves that way?

Hmmm, maybe that will be my mantra next week--You're a pretty darn smart chick. I like it!

Feel free to borrow it if you're having any of those 'sixteen' moments again too.

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