Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm that kind of mom

Yep, I'm officially that kind of mom. The kind that welcomes my boys' friends over after school, makes them some cookies and juice, then watch them head outside and play baseball in the backyard.

I totally had anxiety of sending my children to school and on a big school bus alone because I had always lived in a city and walked the short distance no matter where we lived. The kids, of course, didn't care, heck, they love every minute of it. But they had something I didn't...a small rural school and continuous friends.

I was trying to figure out what word to use there and 'continuous' was the only one that sort of fit. You see, we moved a lot. I think I went to seven different public school before staying in one highschool for the four years straight. Nothing ominous like hiding from the mob in the witness protection program LOL, just dad moved for his job a number of times across province or across country and/or mom got the itch for a new house so we made friends, but then had to leave them behind--and at that young age, they are hard to keep long distance. Don't get me wrong, I had a great childhood, I just didn't have those lifelong friends that you literally grow up with from day one in school.

Now my boys do and it just fills my heart every time I think of it. I love on the odd days I pick them up from school and their friends smile and say hi or joke around with me. And my husband and I don't plan to go anywhere. We bought this, our first home, with the full thinking that it would last us a very long time.

This was the very first time my son had come up to us and mentioned that he and his friend were wanting to get together after school or on the weekend to play baseball. I asked him to get their telephone number, called up the other mom and we happily arranged here I am, watching them all out the window in the big side yard, goofing off, hitting balls, laughing and having fun.

Just the way childhood should be.

Yep, I'm gonna like being this kind of mom.

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