Monday, April 19, 2010

Why is cold tea...

....not the same as ice tea?

I've been working for a couple hours and upon taking a sip of my tea, realized that it must have been a while in between sips LOL.

All my boys got back home safe and extremely happy from the Blue Jays game yesterday. Okay, maybe not extremely as their team lost BUT, they did have someone toss them up a couple batting practice balls to keep not to mention picked up their yearly media guide with all the statistics on the players etc. Now, you need to understand, this is something scouting and media use for their jobs so there aren't a lot of pictures and the numbers and details are numerous and small type--not something normal kids would look twice at let alone a lot of adults, yet this has been going on for YEARS (and they are only 7 and 8 years old now LOL) and my children literally learned to read, print, and math reading these and sports cards. So, when I say I fully believe in the theory that if you give them something they are interested in they will learn better and faster, I've got two tawny haired pieces of proof.

As for me, the day was lazy yet I consider that a very good day on both counts LOL

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