Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Real romance dead?

The past three years have not been good for a number of our friends--well, I guess that depends on which one you ask LOL.

I think we are now up to four couples whose marriages have ended in the last three years. And I'm not talking the under five year percentage either. I'm talking the over 15 and close to twenty years married percentage.

And we never saw any of them coming.

To be fair, we don't live close to any but have been in constant contact and/or the occasional visits so no, we don't know the day to day grind they went through, but still no mention during weekly telephone calls or anything. The last one just happened this weekend (hence the blog).

I know things like this usually have a 'build' for quite awhile--that's the part we don't see but still, it makes you worried. Is Real romance still alive or does it fade out and fizzle as life progresses? Do we marry with the blind thought that yeah, I'd like to make babies with this guy for awhile or sure, she'll do for now??

We're going on our 12th year of marriage and I'll tell you right now, if my husband came up to me and said it was over, I would be totally blindsided. We're not perfect, but still, we seem to work things out and accept each other for who we are etc etc etc. We have similiar thoughts and theories on raising our children, family etc and those haven't changed (although I think this baseball season is might affect that LOL as both boys are on house league and aiming for the rep league too, meaning most night this summer will be on a ball field)

I'm not overly worried at the moment though, not when my husband comes up to me in the kitchen, turns me around, stares me straight in the eye and says, "I love you. No, I mean I really love you," and gives me a big bear hug just before announcing the demise of the most recent friends' marriage.

I feel bad for them, I do, but I can't help being thankful that romance, at least in my home is still very much alive!

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  1. It is sad isn't it! I began a photo collage of all of my friends wedding photos. One by one, they are all splitting up. Kind of makes you wonder :(

    Guess I'm one of the lucky ones... you and me both come to think about it. :)