Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay, that sums up the new day job, let's talk about something else, okay?

I'm already about half-way through my first draft of the Class of '85 story I'm writing. Tentatively titled Corvette Confessions. It's fun because things are still popping up about the era--take this moment for instance.

Our family loves music and we were just watching the top ten countdown on Much Music. What do they advertise for the next show--the Daily Show is having an all '80's day. Yep, the debate from my previous blog lives on--coincidence or the universe's amusement.

Not that I'm talking about the first subject again but I did read an article yesterday that in times of stress if you smile whether you want to or not, the endorfins in your brain or whatever chemical mystery the article talked about would alleviate the stress automatically. I'm not saying it works, but let's just say I was smiling A LOT today for no reason whatsoever.

So, everyone....keep smiling!

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