Friday, July 16, 2010

Yippie Skippie!!!!!!!!

I am super excited to announce that I received a contract for my Class of '85 short story Corvette Confessions!!!

I absolutely can't wait to find out what the cover looks like. You fill out a sheet with details about the story and characters but you never really know what the artist will evolve that into a cover so it's like Christmas present sitting under the tree for a week that you take in every angle and contemplate with excitement but you just don't know until you unwrap it!

Oh, and the names in my story have changed slightly since I gave you the blurb a few weeks ago. Just before I submitted it, I did a final read through of the series details from the loop and found out that someone had already been contracted with a story with a character named Deny--who was a druggie LOL. So I figured I'd be safe and change her name LOLOL.

You'll all be one of the first to get updates of a cover and release date!! Coming soon to a blog near you!

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