Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Hookey

I was a 'good girl' in school, I regretfully admit. I paid attention in class, did my homework, got good grades and never thought to miss a day unless I was really sick etc etc etc. Pathetic I know. I can say I was trying to please my parents or all sorts of things but more than likely, I was just a shy overachiever.

Looking back now, the one thing I regret is not taking the occasional day to play hookey. It wouldn't have affected my grades or my social status (actually, it might have helped that because I had none LOL) and it wouldn't have put me in a public detention centre either....but I never did and if I took any day off for an appointment or something other than illness, I always felt guilty.

Yes, maybe I have a nice job now and am proud of an escalating writing career but still, all my memories of school are of a few close friends, tests, projects and homework...very few 'fun' moments or memories to tell my children.

So now, as a mother, I get a tiny do-over and have the opportunity to let my children have the occasion 'just for fun' day off. Take today for instance, they get to play hookey to go into an afternoon Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto with their dad (yes, do take note that I am here at work on my meger lunch break telling you this while all my boys are having fun LOL).

Point being, they won't remember what they did in class today (they hardly remember the day of when I ask anyway) but they will have the memory to tell their own children that "yeah, we used to get to go with my dad to the Blue Jays games on a school day and had so much fun," and maybe they'll even make it a tradition with their own kids.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'm still a mom. These days only happen on the condition that they do well in school of course. Luckily, we've been blessed with smart, sociable, sporty, and might I add cute, children (though how the heck they got that from our genes, we'll never know LOL).

Did you play hookey or let your kids??

And while you're here playing a little hookey from whatever you are supposed to be doing LOL, don't forget to read the post below and enter my contest for some great 'loot!'


  1. Like you I wouldn't miss a day of school unless i was deathly ill and I don't remember a lot of fun times, but I do remember the one day I played hooky. In my senior year we had a college math teacher who was on sabbatical teaching English. I hated going to that class. He didn't really want to be there and didn't know anything other than the basics of English. So one day when I just couldn't take attending that class, I walked to the doctor's office where my mom worked and asked her for an excuse, then filed things for her until the class was over.

    As for my kids..they missed days to leave for family gatherings, watching their animals have babies, and an occasional just because day.

  2. Ah, I'm not confessing anything about my school days, but there were a few times I allowed my children to play hookey to attend a fun event, with the condition their grades were in line.

  3. I wasn't allowed to play hookey when going to school but I have done so since going to work. Maybe that doesn't count but I just got up and called and said I didn't feel well and I really just wanted to stay home. I guess I lied a little but I could not say " I don't feel like working today" that's not an illness YET. susan L.

  4. I never missed school, either. But for my daughter's 11th birthday, she said she wanted to skip school and go skiing. Her dad skipped work and hit the slopes with her and 2 of her friends. My kids are lucky enough to ski all the time (we live in Tahoe), but playing hookey made it a special day!

  5. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one then LOL

  6. I only ever played hookey from school once. I went into the city to look at the shops, and you will never believe who I passed on the escalator. The headmistress. She noticed me straight away because I foolishly wore my school uniform.
    How's that for bad luck?
    Never did it again though


  7. Stacy,

    I always let my kids play hooky if the moment warranted it. Nothing more precious than those fun - almost "getting away with something" feel of those days. Obviously the kids had to have their grades in line, etc. but I have no regrets today that I pulled them out of classes for exactly the type of thing you did this week. I know they had a blast!