Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reviews are RACING in!

I am so extatic at the wonderful reviews that have been coming in this last week for my Class of '85 story, Corvette Confessions...

4 Tea Cups from Happily Ever After Reviews!

"Ms. Dawn's characters are delightful and well grounded as the story unfolds in the front seat of the corvette, which is as much a character and personality in it's own right. I loved the description of the memories being kept in the box, which is gradually prised open as the conversation moves over the last twenty-five years. Written in the first person from AJ's pov, we still get as much emotion from Greg from his actions and expressions, as we do from AJ. A quick read, it is a powerful a story as some longer ones."

~Happily Every After Reviews

"The class of '85 series can add another gem to the homecoming queen's crown, Corvette Confessions is a witty, whimsical, fun read."
~Donna Bolk, an review

"Corvette Confessions is part of the Class of ’85 Reunion Series. This story really brought home the feelings associated with never acting on a feeling and regretting it, but given a second chance you can rectify it. A very real story."
~Emily, Single Titles


  1. Go Stacy Go!

    Way to bring in those reviews, girl!

  2. I knew I'd like this story when the review said the car was like a character. Happy motoring!

  3. Thank you both so much!!

    Yes, cars can be wonderful characters! I know a lot of people--yes, mainly men but a few women too--who treat them as if they were best friends LOL...and sometimes better LOL

  4. I always believed my cars were special to me and they had a part in my heart as well as my pocket book as they do cost money at the gas pumps. I hate a dirty car too. susan L.