Sunday, September 12, 2010


I should know better, I really should. But with all the cleaning out and purging I've been doing lately, I figured I'd add my computer to the list.

Well, after sorting and backing up all my files, switching things around so we no longer have three different log in pages (one for family, one for me and one for work) and thinking I was being so smart to sort ALL the files first, putting them on flash drive and then changing the computer around....I forgot about the 'on computer' stuff...namely my iTunes.

Yep, somehow, I totally wiped out my iTunes except for what was on my little ishuffle. Worse, I'd been using the iTunes regularly as a background radio since my husband swiped my radio from my office. And I was rather liking the system too.


Now I'm hoping that I have most of it on my little shuffle but it doesn't hold much (and Santa Claus has yet to bring me an iPod to story more LOL) Not that this is a humongous loss in the comparative world of iPod users who have 1000, 2000 or more songs, mostly downloaded. Nope, my meeger file only had 250 songs and maybe 30 of those were bought and downloaded. I should even be able to recover half of that thirty when I sinc my shuffle back on (or so I hope)--so that is at least the silver lining.

But still, that's not only money wasted but good songs down the drain of the cyber world.


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