Thursday, November 4, 2010

I hate working out

That is my biggest issue. I went back to weight watchers at the beginning of September and am doing very well. But I know if I want to get some more defined progress then I need to actually start some sort of workout or exercise routine....blech!!

And I always have other work to do by the time I get home from the day job, I then have to do the work-from-home jobs--and I'm not talking about home jobs like laundry etc LOL. So basically I go from one computer away from home to the home computer.

Anyway, everyone has the same sob stories, I know. But one thing I like about the WW meetings is that they seem to hit on just what I need when I need it. Last one was about metabolism and moving more.

Not that I haven't been, but I get bored quick thinking about all the other stuff I have to do. But one thing I have been able to keep up on is what I call driveway walking. We have a long driveway, over 80 paces door to end so 160 round trip. So, I've been going out fifteen minutes earlier to wait for the bus and doing the driveway walkabout. After last meeting, however, I've thought myself clever because NOW, I call it the driveway workout. I walk down and then on the way back up, I add some toning whether bicep curls or leg lifts or arm raises--whatever hits my fancy for the way up. I even grab the hockey stick and hold it in various ways during the toning exercises to help out.

It sounds simple and a little geeky but since I live out in the country no one sees me. I have the music going from a little mp3 player and I actually feel like I am putting some effort into a workout.

Best of all, I don't have to 'plan' out time for a specific workout because I have to wait for the school bus five days a week anyway.

So, now I deem myself the inventor of the Driveway Workout. Hey......I see a DVD in my future (not LOL)

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