Friday, April 30, 2010


First, I haven't walked off the job yet so that's a plus. In reality, I'm learning a lot the hard way so when the easy stuff actually comes, I'll wonder why it's such a breeze LOL. Truthfully, I'm enjoying it, I only wish (as most everyone in offices) that I had more time to focus on one file at a time at this point so I can learn what's needed for the next instance rather than three or four very different things at once.

I've also discovered another thing this week--dressing up every day is a pain LOL.

Don't get me wrong, before the husband and kids, I worked full time in a field that I had to dress up daily for too. The only thing I can think of is back then, I was also dressing up for potential dates LOL--you know, to catch the eye of this or that hunky guy who passes by every day. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I eventually caught him too LOL.

But, after years of wearing clothes yanked from the dryer and that washed easily because of spit up, spills and grimy hands--not to mention working at a job that was just down the staircase and only needed a warm pair of trackpants and sweater as a uniform--its a challenge and time consuming to curl my hair and put on make-up EVERY day LOL, and this is just the first week. I know it sounds whiny but I was literally standing in front of the mirror this morning wondering what to do with my unrully mass that was sooooo not cooperating. Then, with barely five minutes before the school bus, was tossing my arms into a blouse and hunting for shoes.

What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, time-management. Guess I have to work on that one again LOL.
[I wonder if there is an LOL sign addition for hysterical laughter...maybe HLOL or <:{} ]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Job or Boiling Oil...tough choice

I think I now better understand the term 'baptism by fire.'

Nothing like showing up on your first day at a new job to a MAJOR MESS left by the former employee.

Needless to say, stress levels were WAY over the roof. Thankfully, the women in the other office were very understanding and a GREAT BIG help.

So, summary of first day--I didn't quit on the spot and made it home to tell you all about it:

Me - 1
Fear - 0

That's gotta count as a good day somehow LOL.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm sixteen again

And no, unfortunately it's not my birthday LOL.

Today is the last day of my current job and I start a new one next week. I feel like I'm sixteen and walking into my very first job. Back then it was a Kmart cashier, this time it's an administrative assistant to a lawyer--yikes!

Why is anything new as scary as it is exciting? It's a good job, the hours let me put the kids on the schoolbus and get home just before they get off, and obviously the pay is better LOL...

...But I feel a little out of my element. Don't you sometimes wish you can bypass that awkward phase of a new job--learning the routine, not stepping on your own toes let alone someone else's etc, that all the things you need to know could be miraculously implanted in your head. Hmmm, that's probably not as far off as we thing. Then again, for YEARS my author friends and I have been trying to figure out the prototype to take the story in our heads and, SHAZAM, there it is perfectly on the paper ready to submit. Yeah, still working on that one too LOL

So I'm nervous and scared and I know I will fret about it all weekend because that's what I do. My friend reminds me that I wouldn't have gotten the job if I wasn't capable and able to handle it and that I'm a pretty darn smart chick--so why can't we think of ourselves that way?

Hmmm, maybe that will be my mantra next week--You're a pretty darn smart chick. I like it!

Feel free to borrow it if you're having any of those 'sixteen' moments again too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I like that our community gets involved.

My son's grade one class will be going 'on an adventure' with a high school class to plant trees today.

Our small office--including the lawyer--goes every year for a couple hours to the town hall to get garbage bags, recycle bags and gloves and then we go clean up around the Ganny (The Ganaraska River) that runs through downtown. It's such a pretty place to work there with old building and architecture and so it irks me more that people litter there. And just for a fun note, the town runs a race down the river every year to commemorate a flood that happened in 1980--the raced is called Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny. Yep, it's hilarious because along with kayaks and canoes, there is a race for those who create their own water crafts. They dress up in costumes or goofy things and try to float on anything from cardboard to tires to old doors even LOL.

Oh, and if you want to see just how pretty the downtown where I work (which is so quaint and old fashion) is, just watch Happy Town on ABC coming at the end of the month. This new thriller/drama series was shot up here for the town scenes and the clips look sooooo cool! I even was stopped coming out of the parking lot because they were doing a scene in the park and on the street in front of the town hall. I was sooooo neat!! I'm gonna have to write a story about that someday LOL.

Oops, okay, focusing again, Earth Day. Everyone should do something to help!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why is cold tea...

....not the same as ice tea?

I've been working for a couple hours and upon taking a sip of my tea, realized that it must have been a while in between sips LOL.

All my boys got back home safe and extremely happy from the Blue Jays game yesterday. Okay, maybe not extremely as their team lost BUT, they did have someone toss them up a couple batting practice balls to keep not to mention picked up their yearly media guide with all the statistics on the players etc. Now, you need to understand, this is something scouting and media use for their jobs so there aren't a lot of pictures and the numbers and details are numerous and small type--not something normal kids would look twice at let alone a lot of adults, yet this has been going on for YEARS (and they are only 7 and 8 years old now LOL) and my children literally learned to read, print, and math reading these and sports cards. So, when I say I fully believe in the theory that if you give them something they are interested in they will learn better and faster, I've got two tawny haired pieces of proof.

As for me, the day was lazy yet I consider that a very good day on both counts LOL

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take Me out to the Ballgame!

Baseball season has started and my husband has taken the boys to their first game of the season today. Guess you could call it a guy day LOL. And it's a big adventure because they got to go in the truck instead of the family car, they get to ride the GO Train into Toronto and hang out at the Rogers Centre watching batting practice etc before they grab a dog and chips for lunch and settle in to watch the game with dad.

Best part, my husband didn't tell them until the very last minute. It was great.

Once or twice over the course of the season, I head down to the game with them but for the most part, the four or five times they go is just the guys.

Which isn't such a bad thing for mom either. It's rare that I get a day totally to myself and last night my husband even suggested I do the hot bath thing too--yes, he's great LOL.

So since today is a 'me' day, I plan to do a little shopping and then some writing out on the back porch in the sunshine and have just an all around relaxing day.

Hope you're having a great weekend too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm that kind of mom

Yep, I'm officially that kind of mom. The kind that welcomes my boys' friends over after school, makes them some cookies and juice, then watch them head outside and play baseball in the backyard.

I totally had anxiety of sending my children to school and on a big school bus alone because I had always lived in a city and walked the short distance no matter where we lived. The kids, of course, didn't care, heck, they love every minute of it. But they had something I didn't...a small rural school and continuous friends.

I was trying to figure out what word to use there and 'continuous' was the only one that sort of fit. You see, we moved a lot. I think I went to seven different public school before staying in one highschool for the four years straight. Nothing ominous like hiding from the mob in the witness protection program LOL, just dad moved for his job a number of times across province or across country and/or mom got the itch for a new house so we made friends, but then had to leave them behind--and at that young age, they are hard to keep long distance. Don't get me wrong, I had a great childhood, I just didn't have those lifelong friends that you literally grow up with from day one in school.

Now my boys do and it just fills my heart every time I think of it. I love on the odd days I pick them up from school and their friends smile and say hi or joke around with me. And my husband and I don't plan to go anywhere. We bought this, our first home, with the full thinking that it would last us a very long time.

This was the very first time my son had come up to us and mentioned that he and his friend were wanting to get together after school or on the weekend to play baseball. I asked him to get their telephone number, called up the other mom and we happily arranged here I am, watching them all out the window in the big side yard, goofing off, hitting balls, laughing and having fun.

Just the way childhood should be.

Yep, I'm gonna like being this kind of mom.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

BICHOKing Today

Yep, gotta get some serious work done and since I've moved the other computer to the better side of the desk, lets hope it works. I'm still working on my next Noelle Christmas story and it's turning out longer than planned--which in this case isn't a problem as it gives me more time to delve into Holly's lack of Christmas cheer. The hero, Rev, knows where she's coming from but isn't sure he can bring her around--don't worry, the eccentric town is helping LOL.

Length of story is an interesting thing--for me, usually the characters decide when the story ends. I've often planned it but then they surprise me and things change, shorter/longer sometimes I never know until the end. Attempting to try my hand at catagory again will be different as I will have to make sure the word count fits the line but that the story also fits the length. The first draft is always fun to find out how much more I have to play with or how much I need to tighten up.

Oh and youngest and his team placed fifth in their bowling tournament this weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

All Clean!

I'm hoping to get some writing and other work done this weekend. At the same time, I kept looking at my office thinking my desk needed a major overhall, a cleaning out so I have some space to move the mouse instead of just shoving things an inch to the side. I figured that I'd come home after the boys' bowling tomorrow and tidy it all up first to 'cleanse' my area for good thoughts LOL--but I also knew that it would dig into my work time to do it-->hmmm, a good excuse for procrastination, ya think?

Well, doing a last check of emails before I shut down ended with me cleaning out my inboxes. As I shut down to go make supper, I looked at my desk and thought why not do the cleaning tonight because I usually take Friday nights as a free night.

So, that's what I did. I moved things around, put things away, filed and re-organized. I also shifted the desktop over to the brighter, good corner of the desk because, on dial-up, the laptop works much better. This way, the laptop is now in the farther darker corner of the table at which I also left the uncomfortable chair, whereas the good chair is in front of the other you see where I'm going with this? Yep--I set up the non-internet computer in a better spot so I start using it more to work on and thus, hopefully, better avoid the distraction of checking emails or finding easy reasons to procrastinate.

I think the theory is good, but I'll let you know if it actually works LOL.

It's Friday? Already?

That's a good thing right? Of course, it's also almost the middle of April already. How is it that January goes so slow and then all of a sudden it's April? I'm sure I'll be saying this again for September too LOL.

I revisited some old friends yesterday at eharlequin. I'm thinking of giving catagory a go again, hoping that all I've learned over the last number of years will make my stories stand out. Of course, first I need to do some planning, like which line, what story etc etc etc. I've a couple in mind so we'll see what happens. I'm going to take it slow though. I've a project or two to finish up first but I thought I'd get my feet wet on the forums again to gain some good info and support. At least that's the plan.

The plan for the weekend is simpler...bowling for the kids--regular league on Saturday and then my youngest has another tournament but only about an hour away this time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where's my Stickies??

Okay, I admit, my brain isn't as focused as it used to be--between the kids, school outings, writing, appointments, dinner, two jobs, family, friends, housework, writing....sometimes I forget things--okay, more often than not I forget things LOL.

But is it right for my husband to thoroughly enjoy and abuse this little quirk?
Case in point, I was out one evening recently doing some grocery shopping on my own (a very unusual thing as we normally do it as a family but this particular week was wild) I slipped into the little shop next to the grocery store for fun and ended up finding this really cool sticky note pack. Little pads and about ten different coloured arrow ones all in a nice compact black case--sorry, wiping the drool from my stationary-junky chin. And it was on sale!! Well, without anyone there to restrain me, of course I bought it LOL.

So, I get home and, because it was sooooo cool, decided to show my husband rather than him finding it on my desk and asking me questions a month later, which is what usually happens. I left the pack with him while I went to unload groceries and get supper ready.

Five days later, I'm lying in bed at 2 am and it occurrs to me, "hey, didn't I buy a pack of sticky notes?" Yes, I did say five days later, and yes, 2 am in the morning. {Now you understand the sensibly insane moniker :)}

That morning--at a more reasonable hour--I asked my husband where he put the sticky notes that I had bought. Well, he gets this little grin on his face that instantly sets the alarms ringing. Then has the gall to actually try to bluff it off with a "don't know what you're talking about."

Yeah, riiiight.

As his smile grows, his glance drifts to the boys who are also trying a little too hard to look busy all of a sudden. So, I go for the weakest link and ask my youngest son about them. I have to give him credit, he lasted longer than I thought he would LOL.

Once the giggles stopped and I could actually hear what they were saying, turns out, my hubby figured if I didn't see them, I'd forget about them [which, I hate to admit is usually true--like vegetables in the fridge, if they are tucked into the appropriate draw and not out in plain site on a shelf, I totally forget I have them until they are shrivelled oozing brown things.] Turns out, 'they all thought it would be funny to hid them until Mother's Day and then give them to me as a gift--because the stickies were indeed, very cool and would make make a perfect gift for me--even though I was the one that bought them.


Yeah, that one will haunt me for the rest of my life I'm sure. Knowing my husband, he won't let the opportunity to pass to find amusement in reminding me, often--probably on sticky notes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hopping Along

Sorry, couldn't resist as we're at the end of a busy Easter Weekend and everyone is staring at a beautiful early spring with the weather we've been having at least.

My sportsaholics are excited because today is the first day of Baseball season and, not only is their Toronto Blue Jays team is playing, but it's a holiday from school so they will get to watch the game.

As for me, I got more of the new bathroom worked on and have taken my DYI tendancy to plan out a new shelving unit for the laundryroom--now I just have to wait until the next payday for another field trip to Home Depot LOL.

On the writing front, I've pushed past the block on the next Noelle story (I dunno, maybe it was the sunshine LOL) and am working avidly on it to get it done. I've got so much lined up waiting to be written that it's nice to finally get a move on with this one so I can do so. I'm not good at the initial writing of more than one at a time although I have before and will if deadlines start crunching in. If they are in different stages like initial draft and final drafts, that's not so bad.

Other than that, I'm planning to head out into the sunshine later with my little laptop and see how much more progress I can make in both writing and my work.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Field Trip!

That's what I call anything (other than going to the outside job) that gets me out of the house and home office for a little while.

Today is exciting because the destination is HOME DEPOT! Who says only men can grunt when excited to go there.

We put in a bathroom upstairs and it's been basically a frame with a toilet and sink since September. Over the past month, we've painted and put up this tilish panelling and today I get to go get the materials for shelves and a little cabinet that I'll be making for it (to hide all the pipes etc)

Now, you know by now of my sportsaholic boys (yes, that includes the biggest one) so I somehow got suckered into making this a 'sports' bathroom as it's upstairs where the 'sportsroom' is. Don't get any fantasies of grandeur though, we live in an old farm house with a very small upstairs--all with small rooms and slanted roofs. The 'sportsroom' basically squishes all my husbands memorabilia on the walls and a chair, futon and 19" Tv. If we ever win the millions, boy does he have plans LOLOLOL.

As for the bathroom, it had to be blue and white for most of their teams are such. I'll paint a few logos on the walls, hang some hockey cards up etc and they'll all be thrilled. Meanwhile, I'm just happy because no longer do I have to treck all the way downstairs in the middle of the night in the FREEZING winters LOL.

I'll post pictures of the themed rooms when we're done.

So, I'm off to be DYI lady today!! (because sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself than wait for your husband to get around to it LOL)