Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year

It's already a week into the new, doesn't take long.

I could bore you with a long list of resolutions like losing weight and writing more--but I've already been on my path to lose weight (currently at -32lbs!) so that's already established and yes, I want to write more but its finding time and discipline as usual. I want to blog more but that again is the same as the previous.

Though I did recently figure out what the slight difference to when I used to blog all the time because there is one other Canadian author whose career I've been following since she got her first contract about four years ago ( and I couldn't figure out how she could blog regularly plus get all her writing etc done.

I figured it out this week--the day job changed. I used to work from home like her so of course blogging would be the first thing I did when I started up the computer, getting warmed up so to speak before moving on to the work and/or writing. But now that I work outside the house, the routines have changed. I now check email at work and deal with the immediate needs quickly, but I don't necessarily turn the Internet on on the home computer until later in the day, and usually only a few times a week until the weekend so by the time I get on....I know, excuses, excuses.

Not that I'm jealous of this other author (okay, maybe a little/lot) but hey, life sometimes dictates necessity like needing income into the house. But mainly, I so admire her because she has the main thing I lack--discipline. So that is totally my problem to figure out. And she is so inspirational to me that it keeps me focused.

So, no big resolutions, just the same goals and hopes and things to work on.

What about you?