Wednesday, June 1, 2011

War zone

Wow...this is one of those weeks where parenthood and careers do a head-on collision.

For starters, hubby is working extra hours because of inventory at his job. As for me, both the day-job office and the home-office have exploded this week with deadlines and the, well, if-it-can-go-wrong-it-will grenades (especially at the day office). So the hours are longer at work then even later night shifts at the home office and a lot more stressful just as.....

Baseball season for the boys started. And of course my sportsaholic children aren't content just to play on the house league team that my husband and I just so happen to coach (yes, go ahead and read as he cons me into helping out every year LOL). Oh, no, my boys also made it onto the rep teams (read proud, but oh my gosh--two different age levels now)--and this year those schedules totally clash...again, another KABOOM!

So, the war zone this week involves bringing in the reserve troop of grandparents (who are thankfully on a mid-travel break) to watch the kids afterschool while I work the extra hours, get home, try desperately to fix quick yet WW friendly dinners, change for baseball practice, only for the hubby to go back to work afterwards; then do the whole thing over again sustituting practice for a ballgame (to which I am going to be lone coach as it is inventory night for him, yikes!) and rinse and repeat yet again only this time in different tanks as one heads off with one son for an out of town rep game while the other makes sure the youngest gets to his rep practice. Armour plated tanks would be good right about now--no messing with traffic, just ride right over LOL

Oh, and just for fun because yeah, I might be having a bit of trouble sleeping with everything going on...Friday night is the town's Cancer Society Relay for Life 7pm to 7am walk for a which we are both on a team for the first time this year--I haven't done an all nighter in a VERY long time you can kiss sleeping in the war zone goodbye until maybe Saturday night.

And I'm telling you, by then, I don't even think a grenade will be able to wake me up until very late on Sunday morning :)

So put your helmets on my world, you're gonna need them this week LOL

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