Friday, January 20, 2012


Yeah, funny how things get forgotten in the loop of life LOL.

Neglected would be more like it. I want to say that I made a resolution to keep more updated, but let's face it, that hasn't worked the last few years LOL.

Is it a goal this year? Yes. So we'll leave it at that and hope for the best as always.

For now, I'm working on a new story for the Honky Tonk Hearts series coming out at The Wild Rose Press. Fingers crossed!

I've got a few other projects going on as well--and I think that might be part of my problem. Focus. In trying to do a little bit of everything, nothing is getting finished. My goal this weekend is to finish up a few of the items on my list, while keeping to a small fraction of time saved for writing too.

Maybe it's just the Winter Blahs setting in that is keeping me a bit off and unfocused. But now realizing that and knowing what I need to do, my plan is simple--sit at my desk, take a few deep breaths and pick ONE thing to work on, and do so for at least an hour. I bet I can can get so much more done with just a little directed focus.

Here's to a little directed focus *grin*....

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