Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank you New York Giants

No, I'm not a big sports fan....but the three males in my house are--HUGE. I call them sportsaholics. So of course we watched the big game even though no team of theirs was in it--doesn't matter, it's sports. Period. LOL.

BUT, I do get a little something out of being the only one in the household who doesn't care which team is playing which and when or where. Like last night. All three were behind the Patriots while I chose the New York Giants simply because we had recently watched the Madagascar DVD --watch the movie if you don't get my reference, it is rather hysterical (see, now do you believe I'm not big into sports LOL)

So the boys wanted to make a little side bet thinking it was a sure thing they'd get a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie complete with icing in red, white and blue.

Oh how the cookie does crumble LOL. Instead, they have no cookie and now owe mom an iTunes card.

Yeah, sometimes you gotta love sports.

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