Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm a hummer.

Yes, I hum, I sing, I constantly have a tune in my head. It's funny because it's a happy thing, but at the same time, the more stress I'm under, the more pronounced it is. Music calms the beast isn't an old folkstale after all. And of course, I sound AMAZING in the car and shower although you would never get me on the Idol stage LOL....I would most definately fall in the blooper snippits.

My husband is very....accomodating let's say LOL but it drives my sister nuts. Okay, so maybe I do it a bit more occasionally because I know that too LOL--sisters, you have to annoy, it's in the big book of sisterhood.

And now I'm wondering if it's genetic because I often come across my children humming or singing to themselves too. Way too cute.

Music is something I need though, even at work. I actually work best when there is music in the background--not loud, but there. Whether at the office or writing, doesn't matter, I use the sound to calm and focus or let go and aleviate the stress.

Maybe the topic for the blog came up because I've been humming A LOT lately LOLOLOL.

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