Friday, March 16, 2012

Draft dungeon

Ugh....I hate the first draft. I LOVE finding the story and all the ideas that pop up out of left field that end up working so well....but I hate trying to get them down on paper that very first time. It is literally like pulling teeth for me.

Why? I have no idea. I think it has a bit to do with not being able to get the paper to look like what it does in my head--as in not getting the text to match the pictures when they are so vivid. Even though I know that doesn't happen until the second or third that's when the real story gets pulled out for me and all the words flow to match the images. And I know this, but it doesn't make that first draft any easier to get out LOL.

The good's OUT! This story that I need to get done for the end of April is finally on paper--maybe not coherant or necessarily in the right order, but it's there....and now I can start painting in the colour to make the paintings in my head come to life.
Best of all, now I can move on and get this story done!!

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