Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slow and not necessarily easy

I've learnt lately that most times the faster you try to get something done, the slower it gets done....yet, at the same time, the slower, more meticulous I go, the faster things get done--what is up with that?

But it's true. When I stop and break something down into smaller, more manageable pieces and get piece by piece done, next thing I know, the whole thing comes together the way it is supposed to. And I'm not just talking about writing. A few things have come up over the last couple of months--writing yes, taxes (ugh) and even a few projects that I volunteer on. Everything is crazy in the beginning with deadlines etc, but when I actually stop to take a breath, look at the picture as a whole and then start breaking it down in proportion of what needs to be done and in what order, I can actually see the finish line and the gradual formation of the project coming together.

No, this is nothing new LOL, but when you go moch 20 for so long, slowing down is a new phenomenon again LOL.

Slow and easy wins the race. Might not be such a bad motto to take.

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