Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday was one of those days that the good outweighed the annoying--and I think it all had to do with the beautiful day, because had it been a snow-crusted gloomy day, I'm sure my mood would have been worse LOL.

Simply iPod is no longer just a fun gadget but has become an almost can't live without tool. Of course it carries all my music--and I've already mentioned the sanity in that LOL--and it is a wonderful distraction tool for the children when in long line-ups, waiting rooms etc. I admit, the app games are fun and my husband and I currently have competitions on Bejewelled 2 LOL, but it also carries all sorts or reading material, books and manuscripts. I use it to jot down quick notes or write out inspired long scenes. When in WiFi areas I keep in contact with my emails and friends. It has gotten me through many a long Saturday morning while the kids are bowling or at baseball practice. I am very rarely without it--there is only one itty bitty little needs the internet for updates through the home computer that it is currently attached to. And it happens to be the desktop, meaning non-moveable.


The Annoying--living out in the country without good access to highspeed internet. The new hub we have is definitely better than the dial-up we used to have, but still not anywhere near as fast as the internet in town at work. AND I have to sit and baby the computer for two and a half hours while it downloaded the newest version for my indespensible tool. Worth it, but a pain LOL.

The Good--it is the most BEAUTIFUL, sunniest day yet so I opened all the windows, cleaned and freshened up the beds, dusted and enjoyed the light on the upper level for the first time in months LOL. And after I was finally done, took the dog for a walk and visited with my sister down the hill.

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