Thursday, October 11, 2012

I realized that there is one interesting thing I have learned in my journey of losing weight and getting healthy, and it is the very same thing that can be used in anything from world wars to story characters to arguments with your children--choose your battles.

Case in point: being a nice wife and in town recently, I had taken my husband a Timmy's (coffee) to his work.  Well, turned out that he had just received a coffee...along with a box of donuts.  Pretty donuts, yummy donuts, delicious sparkly donuts.

Of course my first thought was, PLEASE offer me one! 

When he eventually did, however, I said no.  Not because I didn't want it or I COULDN'T have it or I HAD to be good because I still have thirty more pounds to lose.  No, it was simply because after a quick, honest assessment at that moment, I decided that I was good, I didn't need it, didn't crave it.  Yes, it was a donut so of course I wanted it.  But I decided at that point that right then, I was strong enough to say no, so I did.  Because I knew there would come another time when I wouldn't be so strong.  Where a celebration would come where I knew I would want to take advantage of the sweets to be had.  Or the stresses of the day would wear me down, and where chocolate would become my lifeline to sanity and my having a piece would be best for all involved LOL.

So I chose to say thanks but no thanks and take the victory over that particular battle.

My theory is that depriving myself only makes me want it more, but knowing that it is okay to have it when needed keeps the moderation factor at the forefront of my mind and gives me a great ego boast and feeling of control when I CHOOSE when the need is great and when I can simply appreciate the site of a pretty donut without devouring it.

And, embarassing as this is to show the world, I simply want those others struggling with weight or self-confidence to see that small steps work, small realization like the above--choosing the battles to win, and choosing the battles to concede to--and making small healthy choices that you can live with on a daily bases, giving yourself a break after a "bad" day, moving more and realizing that a simple walk clears the mind as well as does the body good, that for just sticking with it, you CAN become the person you want to be both inside and out...

...and feel good about your efforts and results.  And believe me, I'm not aiming for model thin or even where all the BMI and reports say someone my age, size etc should be; I am simply trying to find the place I can say yeah, this is where I feel good for me. Because first and foremost, I've learned that you have to do it for YOU.


  1. That is amazing stacey....good for you...

  2. You are looking fabulous, girl!! Way to go on the choosing your battles... this is my mantra too.

  3. Thank you so much! I was always inspired by the stories and pictures of others on the same struggles and hope this helps even one other to keep going.

  4. It's like that saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step" or, as I tell people when they ask how I can write an entire novel, "one word at a time."

    Thanks for reminding us that slow & steady can always win the race!

  5. You're further along the path that I'm attempting myself. Love your upbeat attitude and forgiving nature. I'm taking notes.

  6. stacy
    you look amazing--and healthy
    as a former fatty I know how hard it is to battle demons
    kathy cottrell

  7. I have tears in my eyes. What an incredible inspiration you are. I've been struggling for the past few years with weight gain. It never was an issue in my life until now. Thanks for the nudge needed to get motivated.
    Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself.