Thursday, October 25, 2012

One thing you discover when creating something with your spouse is that sometimes it would be far easier to call in a professional LOL.

Our "project" has taken the better part of six months, started out as a simple paint job and we ended up taking a hammer to the wall (which I admit was VERY cool smashing it in), discovering that the old house once again beat us and had to put the wall back together, decided on the bookcase for the awkward space (smart husband), then the original plan had to be revamped a number of times, discovering renovation is expensive, and that the house is crooked inside, outside, up, down and every which way you can imagine.  I'd honestly never seen my husband as vocally angry and frustrated as he was putting this thing together LOL

BUT....we finally have a bookcase!

I have never denied that we are "just left of centre" so a crooked bookshelf not only fits the house, but it kinda fits us too LOL. 

Best part, as you can see, it turned out bigger than planned and I have lots of room to fill as the years go on.


  1. This is awesome. I envy all that shelf space, and what a clever way to put it there. Good use of space for sure.
    Good job, super hubby. *wink

  2. I love this!!! And the crooked house I can completely sympathize with you on. Found out when we resided our house that 35+ on the title was actually closer to 100+. Oh joy. We won't be doing much remodeling-just saving the $ so when we move we can buy/build a newer/nicer one.