Monday, October 22, 2012

Stress can be a nasty prison.  It's funny that you don't realize that of course until you are out of it. 

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a lot of differences--other than the fact I can breath again LOL.

My axiety/panic attacks don't come on as quickly and it is a lot easier to talk myself down from them.  My creativity is back and my muse is on chatterbox mode--I've had to start a notebook with story ideas just to keep up--and that is cool.  General things get done--okay, not quickly or all the time but that is just my natural aversion to housecleaning, laundry etc LOL, but more so than they used to.

Looking back, when I thought I was handling things, in control, I wasn't, and even though I knew it, it still didn't stop me from believing I was.  Cell walls don't have to be made of concrete and bars.

One more thing I noticed last night--I was excited for Monday.  I was looking forward to "going to work".  Mondays used to make me literally sick to my stomach knowing what I would have to deal with....but now, I look forward to it with an excitement I hadn't had in a while.  On top of finding time to do my own writing again, right now I'm working on editing two very different stories this week for two wonderful clients and can't wait until their books are available for you to enjoy them as well.

THIS is what I was meant to do.  THIS is what it feels like to work at a job you truly enjoy.

And because I love it so much, I am working in the background with a business plan to build it into the business that I want it to be.


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