Monday, October 8, 2012

Those changes I've been talking about involve a new office environment.  Through a long and arduous decision process and minor group of events, I have returned to working from home. 

Now, I can't say that I am not happy to be doing so.  The benefit to the children alone is so worth it--I am no longer so stressed out that I seem to be in a permenant bad mood and am now the cool mom who makes homemade afterschool snacks and who goes grocery shopping Friday so they don't have to go with her on Saturday LOL. 

Another benefit of my new office environment is my co-worker.   Though his "workspace" is right beside mine, he is very quiet, doesn't bug me when I'm in the middle of a file, nor does he rant and complain about every little thing.  At the same time, he is a VERY good listener and a wonderful partner to bounce ideas off of, not to mention funny and a great companion around the water bowl.  We even started having walking meetings first thing in the morning to get our mind and bodies ready for the day. 

But, as with all changes there are also many challenges.  The obvious one being how to make a financial contribution to help support the household.  While I am working on my writing of course, it is a slow process from writing to production (assuming of course you get the contract). 

Happily though, I now have the opportunity to amp up my freelance editing work.  So feel free to visit and share the site with friends, groups, loops or people you know who may be interested.

Oh, my co-worker is calling--must be time for tea and biscut break :)

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  1. Change can be both good and stressful. Good luck with all the adjustments and with amping up your freelance editing gig.