Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is it about doing your own resume that is so....hard.

I do them for other people all the time, no issues at all.  But when I sat down to update mine this week, what a pain LOL.

Maybe it's the fact that we were raised with a sort of "don't brag about yourself it's not polite" type mindset--help others, not yourself so to speak.  So now, whenever I have to list my good qualities/qualifications or talk about myself, it is REALLY HARD.

I look at my resume and think, Really?  That's me?  Can't be--I must have embellished something. Yet, if it were anyone else, I'd be thinking, That's a pretty good bit of experience and abilities.  Heck, I'd hire me LOL. 

So then what makes it so difficult to look at ourselves the same way as we would look at say, our best friend?

It really is true what I read in the WW magazine. We would never pick on our friends and put them down half the way we do to ourselves.  In other words, instead of saying "No, you can't do that, what were you thinking, idiot."  We should be saying, "Hey, nice job.  You can do this. I have faith in you!"

Think of yourself as your best friend and what would you say to them.  Definately boost them up, not draw them down.

Just a thought to ponder for the day. 

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