Friday, March 30, 2012

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My baby turned 9 yesterday. NINE! Where has the time gone.

I remember writing around nap times and giving advice to other mothers doing the it's baseball and Wii and anything electronic, sportscards and math (yes, seriously, they both love math). Not to mention the older one is closing in on the same height as me....sigh. All too fast.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Really, do I need to say any more?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Trying something new.

I've been on Weight Watchers for a year and a half now and have lost 70 lbs. Yep, 70lbs. Very proud of myself but I still have at least another 30 to go--now, that is MY goal weight. If I went with the BMI stuff and doctor, we're talking another 50. I figure we'll cross that bridge when we come to it because I have never been a string bean and never will be LOL. I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own skin, you know?

I'm not one to usually get fitness books etc, but I read about it on another blog and thought it sounded interesting because it wasn't just for dieting and fitness so to speak but more a reorganization of a lot of different parts of your lifestyle. And that is what I'm looking for--not a quick fix diet solution but a way to gradually change my lifestyle to incorporate the better habits and thus be a better role model and instill the better habits on my children before they get into the bad ones that I had.

If the book pans out, I'll come back and tell you about it, but I don't want to name and recommend something I can't stand behind so, for now, I just wanted to throw to the universe that I am choosing to try something new, choosing to succeed in more than just one little area of my life.

I can't see that I am the only one with hopes like that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Everyone has that one thing that they can wind their mind backwards to what started it all. For me, it was Camelot.

I remember as a little girl watching it on TV with my mom and thinking it was the grandest thing I had ever seen--Romance, chivalry, heroes, beautiful gowns, love, magic music and entrancement.

Funny thing is, it is also one of those things that don't come to mind often enough.

Well, it was on this oldies channel the other week and, by God, it was still the most spectacular thing I had ever seen. Even given the technical advancements, the majesty and magic still held true.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday was one of those days that the good outweighed the annoying--and I think it all had to do with the beautiful day, because had it been a snow-crusted gloomy day, I'm sure my mood would have been worse LOL.

Simply iPod is no longer just a fun gadget but has become an almost can't live without tool. Of course it carries all my music--and I've already mentioned the sanity in that LOL--and it is a wonderful distraction tool for the children when in long line-ups, waiting rooms etc. I admit, the app games are fun and my husband and I currently have competitions on Bejewelled 2 LOL, but it also carries all sorts or reading material, books and manuscripts. I use it to jot down quick notes or write out inspired long scenes. When in WiFi areas I keep in contact with my emails and friends. It has gotten me through many a long Saturday morning while the kids are bowling or at baseball practice. I am very rarely without it--there is only one itty bitty little needs the internet for updates through the home computer that it is currently attached to. And it happens to be the desktop, meaning non-moveable.


The Annoying--living out in the country without good access to highspeed internet. The new hub we have is definitely better than the dial-up we used to have, but still not anywhere near as fast as the internet in town at work. AND I have to sit and baby the computer for two and a half hours while it downloaded the newest version for my indespensible tool. Worth it, but a pain LOL.

The Good--it is the most BEAUTIFUL, sunniest day yet so I opened all the windows, cleaned and freshened up the beds, dusted and enjoyed the light on the upper level for the first time in months LOL. And after I was finally done, took the dog for a walk and visited with my sister down the hill.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Draft dungeon

Ugh....I hate the first draft. I LOVE finding the story and all the ideas that pop up out of left field that end up working so well....but I hate trying to get them down on paper that very first time. It is literally like pulling teeth for me.

Why? I have no idea. I think it has a bit to do with not being able to get the paper to look like what it does in my head--as in not getting the text to match the pictures when they are so vivid. Even though I know that doesn't happen until the second or third that's when the real story gets pulled out for me and all the words flow to match the images. And I know this, but it doesn't make that first draft any easier to get out LOL.

The good's OUT! This story that I need to get done for the end of April is finally on paper--maybe not coherant or necessarily in the right order, but it's there....and now I can start painting in the colour to make the paintings in my head come to life.
Best of all, now I can move on and get this story done!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm a hummer.

Yes, I hum, I sing, I constantly have a tune in my head. It's funny because it's a happy thing, but at the same time, the more stress I'm under, the more pronounced it is. Music calms the beast isn't an old folkstale after all. And of course, I sound AMAZING in the car and shower although you would never get me on the Idol stage LOL....I would most definately fall in the blooper snippits.

My husband is very....accomodating let's say LOL but it drives my sister nuts. Okay, so maybe I do it a bit more occasionally because I know that too LOL--sisters, you have to annoy, it's in the big book of sisterhood.

And now I'm wondering if it's genetic because I often come across my children humming or singing to themselves too. Way too cute.

Music is something I need though, even at work. I actually work best when there is music in the background--not loud, but there. Whether at the office or writing, doesn't matter, I use the sound to calm and focus or let go and aleviate the stress.

Maybe the topic for the blog came up because I've been humming A LOT lately LOLOLOL.

Monday, March 12, 2012

So cool!

My neice called me the other day to tell me that she had to read a story to the class that she had written as part of an assignment. I guess there were some romantic elements (she's thirteen so hopefully not TOO romantic of elements LOL) and when the substitute teacher noted that she might want to think about writing more. So my neice mentioned that her aunt was an author and wrote romance. When she told the teacher my pen name, the teacher was actually READING ONE OF MY STORIES!

Why I'm so tickled is that most of my work being online, most of my interaction with readers is online. So having someone local who has actually read my work is.....well, just cool! It means I've finally transended the internet and am out in the world now--or at least I now have confirmation I am LOL.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cover Coolness!

I just got this beautiful cover for my next release.....actually it's a re-release. This story was originally published in the Finding Their Way Back anthology and now all the stories are being released as singles. Gotta say this is one of my favorite because the cowboy not only rides bulls but is a singer/songwriter too....swoon!

One Starlit Night

When Elizabeth O'Leary meets up with the cowboy she's been avoiding for over two years, she doesn't know whether to trust her heart or her head. One tells her Grey Wulfsen just might be The One, the other tells her it doesn’t matter because he'll never forgive her when he finds out what she took away with her on that one starlit night.

Coming soon to The Wild Rose Press as a single title.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slow and not necessarily easy

I've learnt lately that most times the faster you try to get something done, the slower it gets done....yet, at the same time, the slower, more meticulous I go, the faster things get done--what is up with that?

But it's true. When I stop and break something down into smaller, more manageable pieces and get piece by piece done, next thing I know, the whole thing comes together the way it is supposed to. And I'm not just talking about writing. A few things have come up over the last couple of months--writing yes, taxes (ugh) and even a few projects that I volunteer on. Everything is crazy in the beginning with deadlines etc, but when I actually stop to take a breath, look at the picture as a whole and then start breaking it down in proportion of what needs to be done and in what order, I can actually see the finish line and the gradual formation of the project coming together.

No, this is nothing new LOL, but when you go moch 20 for so long, slowing down is a new phenomenon again LOL.

Slow and easy wins the race. Might not be such a bad motto to take.