Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm so excited! My husband gave me permission to buy a colored pack of Sharpie markers!!!

Okay, don't get me wrong; my husband is a wonderful, loving, supportive and VERY tolerant man LOL, and I don't need his permission per se. But there is something else you need to understand, I LOVE stationary. I am a total stationary junkie--pens, paper, sticky-notes, pretty binders and notebooks...I could go on and on LOL.

*standing up* Hello. My name is Stacy, and I am a stationary addict.

And like any addict, I have to be ever so diligent when in stores like Staples, Office Depot or even the stationary aisle in Wal-mart. Anything new, big, gadgety or colorful and I could fall off the wagon in an instant LOL.

So, I was at my desk prepping my new calendar/daily planner for the next couple months and came to a bit of a glitch because the colored pens I use to distinguish editing projects/stages, writing, releases, blogs etc (I'm sure you see now why I use different colors for at-a-glance quick evals LOL) don’t write on the new calendar, which is a bit more of a glossy material.

When I made a small comment to myself as I stood to go check my stash of various pens/markers etc., my husband must have overheard because he said, "Why don’t you get Sharpies; they’ll work."

I literally felt my eyes go wide and drool slip off the corner of my lip. “Shhharpies,” I repeated, longingly.

He chuckled, lifted a shoulder and said, “They do write on anything.”

I, of course, agreed--the imagined smell giving me a marker high as a rainbow of colored wands danced like a kaleidoscope before my vision.

When I was able to speak again, I shook my head and reminded him that it would also be expensive for a set of the multi-colors that I needed. Hey, when you want the best, you pay for the best.

Then he said the magic words, “So, if you need them, get them.”

I had to swallow twice before I practically choked out, "Don't tease me."

He didn’t blink.

Because I was still a little too stunned to believe my ears, I made one more valiant effort before my heart exploded in excitement. “Just to be clear,” I began. “You are giving me permission to go out and get a multi-colored pack of Sharpies?”

By now my husband was laughing at me (not an unusual thing by any means), and gave a tolerant nod of his head (as he often does LOL).


So, I am now the proud owner of a full set of colored Sharpies—not only that, but I checked out a department store that is, unfortunately, closing in our little town and ended up getting them for 30% off. If that’s not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is.

My planner is now a plethora of rainbows and I can see at a glance exactly what needs to get done daily, weekly and monthly. FABULOUS!

I know, I know, I keep telling my husband he’s got it good. No worries about keeping his woman happy in expensive jewelry, shoes or clothing...get her some colorful pens and she’s putty in his hands LOL.

Of course, not that I can see my calendar at a glance, I've gotta get my butt moving and some work done.....



  1. *sigh* I remember when I got my mini multi-color pack of Sharpies... I'm so jealous of you, Stacy. So green with envy right now. It's been ten years since my last pack of Sharpies and they are gone or dried out now. Oh, I could sing! I love stationary... I even had a multi-color set of Gel pens with a black tablet to use them in. I had silver AND gold metallic Sharpies! I had... so much. That old red Solo cup ain't got nuthin on pens, pencils, paper, POST IT NOTES! Congrats on your prize, and that darlin hubby too. Mine has me restricted from getting anything these days not associated with granddaughter's school supplies...
    Shhh, don't tell him one of the folders weren't her. And she doesn't use fancy ink pens, or any pens yet.

  2. LOL Calisa! Sisters in stationary. I know, school supply shopping for the boys always miraculously ends up with a few pink items that end up on mom's desk LOL.

  3. Office supplies are a wonderful thing! But what I envy most is your organizational skills! Daily, weekly, monthly? At a glance? Mercy. I need to get myself organized.

    1. It only sounds organized Karyn...give it another week LOL

  4. **Raises hand** Hi, my name is Melissa, and I'm a Sharpie addict. Seriously, I am, and your post made me laugh. I have this crazy need to visit the pen aisle every time I go into an office supply store and just look at all the pretty colors lined up in a nice, neat package. I want to buy them every time, no matter if I just snuck a new pack into the cart the last time I was there. I have this color OCD thing where I have to use certain color pens for certain things, and don't even get me started on the purple ones. Mmmm, Sharpies...

    1. OMG I have the color OCD thing too....maybe I'm not crazy afterall LOL. No, I am LOLOLOL

  5. Hi Stacy, I have a t-shirt that is similar to your addiction. My tee reads "My husband lets me buy all the scrapbooking supplies I can hide."
    Is that new? he says.
    Of course not, dear.

  6. Is this a writer thing? I too am a stationary junkie. My oldest granddaughter gave me the most beautiful writing journal for Christmas and I almost cried.
    Enjoy those colorful sharpie markers, Stacy. You are special.